Five Things You Can Do to Help

Get the Facts

Get the facts about deaf-blindness and how it could touch your life.

Contact Your Legislators

Become an advocate for the Deaf-Blind community.

Donate Your Gifts/Talents

Spend time getting to know someone who is deaf-blind; you will enrich two lives. Did you know that half of all people who are deaf-blind report no real friendships?

Local organizations, such as the following, that provide direct services to individuals who are deaf-blind can help you discover ways to connect with people who are deaf-blind.

Give a Job to People who are Deaf-Blind

Give a person who is deaf-blind the opportunity to work. With an unemployment rate of 82 percent, people who are deaf-blind face one of the highest unemployment rates in the country and struggle to overcome preconceived notions of the limitations of deaf-blindness.

As an employer, you have the opportunity to look at your employment practices and access an untapped resource by hiring people who are deaf-blind. It only costs, on average, $300, to accommodate a worker who can be a positive contributor to his/her community. For more information visit

Include People who are Deaf-Blind

Make sure your community, service, religious, and recreational organizations adopt plans to include participation by people who are deaf-blind. This includes assisting people to find the support services needed for inclusion, such as Support Service Providers, Interveners and Interpreters.